June 19, 2019

10 ways to prepare for your engagement session!

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Your Engaged! This is so super exciting! I remember the day I was proposed to, I was so ecstatic, all I could think about was the details of how our wedding would be! Take this time during your session to relax and enjoy each other and think about nothing else except the love you have for each other. To do so, here are 10 things you can do to prepare for your session a week or more prior to session date and the day of.

beach engagement session
  1. Coordinate your clothes! Don’t try to match! How boring would it be if you both wore the same colored shirt in every picture? Instead coordinate his shirt to your accessories. Stick to neutrals, and then add some fun by adding a spot of color in a necklace, shoes or a cardigan top. Think about the colors in your surrounding area where your photos will be taken. When it comes to picking colors, my best advice is to wear your wedding colors! This way your images will match your invites, decorations and everyone will be so impressed by how well you coordinated everything!
  2. When you get to your Engagement Session empty your pockets! Leave your cell phones and any other unnecessary items in your car! You don’t want your phone, keys or wallet showing through your pockets in your pictures or a non important phone call to ruin a moment.
  3. Bring your second outfit with you! Most couples like to have one outfit that is more casual and one that is a little more on the dressy side. This allows us to get two different looks to your session. I recommend starting with your dressier outfit first, that way we can end the session just having fun with some more casual posing for instance laying on the ground.
  4. Give yourself plenty of time for getting ready and drive time to your location! There is nothing worse than a couple who has felt stressed and tense the whole drive to their engagement session. Leave an extra 15-30 minutes before the time that google maps says to leave. The night before your engagement shoot, gather all of your outfits and any props together in one location so that nothing gets forgotten.
  5. Get your engagement ring cleaned! Sometimes I get an individual ring shot, but mostly we will always show the hand with the ring! We want that gorgeous ring to be sparkly clean!
  6. Relax! You’ve got this! You do not have to be a pro at this. We are going to be having so much fun you won’t even realize you are having your picture taken! Let the professional photographer handle it all.
  7. Make a date night out of your engagement session! Finish off the night with a drink, or dinner! Make it a night to remember, because you only get to do this once!
  8. Focus on each other! Be as affectionate towards each other as you feel comfortable — after all, this is a shoot to show off your love! Hold hands, kiss, cuddle … do what feels right to you! Remember, there’s no rule for what’s right in your engagement shoot! At first, you may feel nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera, but chances are your fiancé feels the exact same way! Laugh through the awkwardness together and your connection will shine through.
  9. Remind one another its coming up! I know men tend to forget, especially in the busy life of planning an entire wedding and when they need to be where on what day. Get him just as excited as you may be!
  10. A few things to pack – A hairbrush, hair spray, a small towel for any sweat, (we are in florida) small makeup kit for touch ups, water.
beach engagement session