July 25, 2017

Command Center Hallway – Home Reno! Cape Coral Interior Design

This Hallway leads to a lot of important places, so it was an ideal spot for our family command center! This was our dreaded before picture as we were still buying the house. That little door is under the stair storage space which I will also do a post on organization under there. As you may notice in our home as well, we had all gold handles. Since we could not afford to replace all handles both upstairs and downstairs, I decided to spray paint them all dark gray color. Now its been probably almost two years and the most used ones are starting to chip away the gray, but it really made a world a difference for very little cost. I will probably touch some of them up until we can get new handles all together.

Where that horrible salmon colored tile is, is the laundry room which goes out to the garage. We put down laminate flooring in the whole bottom stairs except the laundry room, downstairs bathroom, and the playroom still has carpet and we ended up leaving the carpet under the staircase in the cubby storage. Since laundry and bathroom floors can get wet, we opted for vinyl flooring again and it is the best thing ever! So easy to clean, it has some texture to it as well which brings more detail in it, and if it does get wet, it does not ruin anything. The best part…. it went right over that ugly existing tile! We did that in all 3 bathrooms as well. Seriously… people think about vinyl is totally outdated right. Well not these wood planked ones. Love them and I can do it myself! Will post bathrooms and laundry room in the future.

This is my mother in law waiving who broke her foot at the time and that guy in the blue shirt was the home owner showing us around… but that plain white wall to the right of him is where we did wainscoting with hooks. Coming in from the garage, I just hang my purse, diaper bag, etc… and even being so close to the laundry room, I will sometimes hang delicate clothing to dry there.

The AFTER!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Also notice the lights hanging, that desperately need to be cleaned, but they are a clear smoke gray color. When the light is off you cant see through it, but when its on you can the lovely Edison Bulb.It took me forever to find lights that I wanted there in the hallway, and I found these gems at lowes. Look at the difference the spray painted door handle looks compared to the gold! Wainscoting to the left and command center to the right is the perfect combo. Also added a small shelf for some more family pictures and decor because why not…

All time favorite basket purchased at homegoods. Holds our bills that need to be paid and any misc papers I need to hold on to periodically.

This dinner menu is new to me for the past month and it is amazing! I designed it in photoshop and simply printed it as a 16×20 for I already had the white frame in a 16×20. With the glass on top, you can use a dry erase marker on it. Genius!

The kitchen is a few steps away, so also an ideal place for it for our home.

Every Sunday now, I plan 4-5 dinner meals for the week (from Pinterest usually or just Google) and go shop at my local publix to grab it all and the remaining breakfast, lunch, and usual items for the week! This has been a stress free life saver. We used to every single night say.. what do you want for dinner and one of us would have to go to publix and pick it up. Time killer plus they say you spend more money that way! If you want a copy of the dinner menu, email me maria@butterflykissphotos.com

I am not a couponer, but when I get some in the mail I want to keep, I peg them up on board. The mail holder below holds paid bills, misc papers and our gift cards for stores and restaurants. The other white frame holds the same concept as the dinner menu, but a blank calendar.. so each month I can write in the month and any important things happening for our family.