November 17, 2017

Fashion Friday. High School Senior Style Board. Cape Coral High School Senior Photographer

Its tough to choose what to wear for your High School Senior Photo shoot. We want you to be yourselves but at the same time, usually stepped up just a notch. You don’t want to look back and say what the “……” was I wearing, why did I wear those torn cargo shorts that I used to wear every day or that dress that has seen better days. Go shopping and grab a couple new items you love. Do you see a perfect outfit out here?!? You can shop right online with the links below.



HS Senior Portraits


-Nordstrom Rack Sweater:

-Pacsun skirt:

-Lulu’s Dress:

-DSW booties:



-Macy’s Vneck:

-Express Shirt:

-American Eagle jeans:

-Express sneakers:


If you purchase an outfit from any one of my design boards, you will get a $25.00 discount or a free print! (Note: I make no money on these outfit purchases, they are here to help you)