September 27, 2017

Pantry Door Update!

When we moved into our home….. everything, and I mean everything was builder grade. We live in a community and they supposedly knock theses out during the build process as well to get them done quickly. I redid our pantry door a few years back. The before picture is when we were looking to buy the home, so please excuse that horrible, hideous table in the way. Unfortunately this is the only picture I could find. You can see all of those wood slats in the the door right?! I took a hammer and broke them all out!! It felt oh so good! Once broken out, they slide right out of the holes in the sides. So each side of the door where the wood slats were has a little lip on both front and back. Having those, I can make my door in mind have depth by using two pieces of acrylic. (one in the front and one in the back)

I did wood putty the holes and gave the whole door a fresh coat of white paint.


Onto the acrylic! The pretty Part! I wanted a frosted look but some see through so you can see the blue back panel as well. I did the solid back a blue that matched our walls closely so you would not see right into our pantry. I will be doing a whole kitchen update post soon! The front acrylic I taped off in a random design with painters tape and spray painted the frosted paint on it! Ooh and by the way, I had Lowes cut the pieces of acrylic to size for me. BUT…. make sure they do it exactly, I had one piece wasted because they cut it to small!  (and they are not super cheap)

ANYWAYS… I right away peeled off the tape and and loved the way it turned it. “Whew”! I was a little nervous about that one.

I place the finished spray painted acrylics into the door lips on both sides and sealed all the way around the edges with clear acrylic sealer. (works just like caulking)


DOOR KNOBS! We had gold door knobs in our entire home! Cheap way of fixing that until the time come to replace them… more spray paint! I painted them a dark grayish color.



pantry door update

pantry door update

pantry door update

pantry door update

Spray Paint handles

Door Knobs Painted Gray from GOLD.pantry door update

You can see the depth here!

pantry door update

Back Panel solid blue.