Cape Coral Photo Booth Rental

cape coral photo booth

Have you ever had a party and wish there was just something that some guests would have fun with instead of just mingling?!? Something that they will always remember from your party!?!

The Holidays are coming… Christmas Parties are a big hit!

Photo Booth Rentals are a great addition! From young kids to your elders – everyone has a blast!

We have had bookings for christmas parties, birthday parties, homecomings, sweet 16, weddings receptions and baby showers! Which event will you choose?

cape coral photo booth

cape coral photo booth

Our Photo booth is different then those closed walk in ones! I think its way better! We have an open 10×10 backdrop with the equipment needed in front of you including a small tv, light, and camera. You control when you want to take the photo with the wireless clicker you hold in your hand. When you click it, it shows up on the tv screen until the next one is taken!

The best part…. All of your guests can download endless amounts of images from a private online gallery two business days after the event.

For your keepsake, images will come on a USB and have the option of making an album out of your favorite ones as well!

cape coral photo booth

photo booth

To book yours today:

Contact or 239-699-4347

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Hey you, Welcome to my new blog. There are a couple things I will still be working on and adding, but here is a run down of what you can expect! Not only am I going to be blogging about my amazing photo shoots both portraits and weddings with┬átheir stories, I am going be occasionally posting about organization, home projects and a little bit of fashion. Why? Because thats who I am and thats what I do! I am no fashion guru, but I do love it. Now organization I try my best at and always feel the need to organize. It just helps me function and feel more peaceful, amen anyone? Home projects…. yes, my husband wants to kill me when I bring up the words I’m thinking…… Im going to tackle this next “whatever the project may be”. Now majority of the time, he’s fine with it, as long as I am doing it. haha. Of course if I need his help for a few things, he will. Gotta love him, thank you Hubby. So I hope you guys love the new journey that will be happening on social media live/posts and on my new blog.

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