One large Family! Cape Coral Family Photographer

Family portrait poses

Lilly and her family finally were all together in the same city and lucky for her and hubby, they are here to stay for the time being! She has been wanting these images for so long, so long that her family grew even more! She was looking for kind of a rustic feel and I told her I knew of this spot off of McGregor in Fort Myers with beautiful old trees where the light comes in beautifully. She agreed on this spot after a lot of different options and she loved the feel of the images. I kid around with her saying she is too picky and too stressed out about it and MAKE UP YOUR MIND. haha (she knows im playing) but i’m grateful because it shows how truly important these images are to her!

Family portrait poses Family portrait poses Family poses family photos family photos family photos

Fashion Friday. High School Senior Style Board. Cape Coral High School Senior Photographer

HS Senior Portraits

Its tough to choose what to wear for your High School Senior Photo shoot. We want you to be yourselves but at the same time, usually stepped up just a notch. You don’t want to look back and say what the “……” was I wearing, why did I wear those torn cargo shorts that I used to wear every day or that dress that has seen better days. Go shopping and grab a couple new items you love. Do you see a perfect outfit out here?!? You can shop right online with the links below.



HS Senior Portraits


-Nordstrom Rack Sweater:

-Pacsun skirt:

-Lulu’s Dress:

-DSW booties:



-Macy’s Vneck:

-Express Shirt:

-American Eagle jeans:

-Express sneakers:


If you purchase an outfit from any one of my design boards, you will get a $25.00 discount or a free print! (Note: I make no money on these outfit purchases, they are here to help you)



A boy and his skateboard. Fort Myers Children’s Photographer

boy photo shoot

I had a complete vision for this photo shoot that I had been wanting to do for over a year now. I was waiting for the perfect person to come along, but I actually ended up reaching out to a friend of mine from middle school (thanks for social media friendship) because I knew he had a son who would be the perfect person for my vision. Since this was a session I envisioned and wanted for my creative children’s portraiture portfolio, I treated it as a model call and HE ROCKED IT!  I love learning about the parents and what their interests are themselves and then incorporating it into their children’s or family photo session. This is why I use the word Custom. I want to make it unique and custom to you.

boy photo shoot boy photo shoot boy photo shoot boy photo shoot boy photo shoot

Engagement Attire . Butterfly Kisses Photography

The weather today is amazing, is it not?!? I am loving this 68 degree temp! Today, I have a fabulous style board for an engagement session for both you and your man. Accessories are not as important as your actual clothes, but they are still important! Check out this man’s watch and that statement necklace! Im not quite sure if there is a proposal season, but I tend to see a lot around the holidays, so lets just say it is! Opening a Christmas present as an engagement ring or under fire works on New Years eve! LOVE. Check out the details below for every piece!


Engagement Outfits


Men’s Outfits:

Old Navy Poplin Shirt:

J Crew 484 Pant:

Express Floral Shirt:

Aldo Wen-R Shoe:

Macy’s Nixon Men’s Watch:


Women’s Outfits:

Anthropologie Farm Rio Avia Dress:

Lucky Brand Stripe Tunic Shirt:

Show Me Your Mumu Corduroy Pants:

Madden Girl Bella Dress Sandals:

Nordstrom Rack Adalyne Espadrille Wedge:

Baublebar Valentina Statement Necklace:


Boroughs Home Fort Myers


This Gentleman was genius for hiring me to capture such a special moment while he proposed to his girlfriend! It was a perfect moment and now they can always visually remember this time! I offer proposal collections, so make sure to make that a part of the process. Ladies…just mention to your boyfriend that you read this article and you thought it was such an amazing idea. Hopefully he will remember and get the hint when the time comes. 🙂




High School Senior Outfits

One of my top questions I get asked from clients is, “what do I wear?” High schools seniors in general have a pretty good sense of fashion, but you want to step it up a notch and think about all of the details in an outfit. From your fingernail color to accessories and different looks from each outfit. Whether clients are female or male, I always tell them to bring at least 4-5 outfits and we will choose 3. We may choose bits and pieces from each outfit! Butterfly Kisses is now creating style boards to give ideas of what to wear for clients. I will be doing all subjects, even Weddings! Families, Seniors, Just Siblings, Engagements, etc. Not only will a style board be created, it will have the exact name of item and where it came from! All blog posts will have the links to easily access them. How fun is that?!?

Cheers to the first one!!


As promised, here are the links!

Picasso Necklace – Baublebar:

Tickle my France-y – OPI:

Bordeaux – Essie:

Rusty Rose Dress – Lulus:

Suede Boots – Forever 21:

Trumpet Sleeve Blouse – H&M:

Libby Smocked Shirt – Nordstrom:

Mini Skirt with Scalloped Hem – Asos:

Hi-Rise Jeans – American Eagle:

Miley Sandal – DSW:

A boy and his plane. Fort Myers Creative Children’s Portraiture

little boy in box airplane

Kids imaginations are the absolute best aren’t they? I strive to speak with the parents and see if their is anything the kids love or love doing at this stage in their lives. Here in SWFL we have beautiful old oak trees that I love to take advantage of. This particular shoot was taken off the beautiful road of McGregor in Fort Myers and the neighborhoods feel oh so cozy. We simply made this plane out of a cardboard box and used the box flaps to make the propellers and tail. For the straps we used ribbon and cut slits in the box to weave it through and drew some detail on the box with a black sharpie! Oliver had a blast flying his plane, i’m not even sure he realized I was taking his pictures.


little boy in box plane little boy in box airplane little boy in box airplane little boy in box airplane little boy in box plane boy in box airplane boy in box airplane boy in box airplane

Welcome to the new Blog!

Hey you, Welcome to my new blog. There are a couple things I will still be working on and adding, but here is a run down of what you can expect! Not only am I going to be blogging about my amazing photo shoots both portraits and weddings with their stories, I am going be occasionally posting about organization, home projects and a little bit of fashion. Why? Because thats who I am and thats what I do! I am no fashion guru, but I do love it. Now organization I try my best at and always feel the need to organize. It just helps me function and feel more peaceful, amen anyone? Home projects…. yes, my husband wants to kill me when I bring up the words I’m thinking…… Im going to tackle this next “whatever the project may be”. Now majority of the time, he’s fine with it, as long as I am doing it. haha. Of course if I need his help for a few things, he will. Gotta love him, thank you Hubby. So I hope you guys love the new journey that will be happening on social media live/posts and on my new blog.

Heres a favorite quote I like to live by in Business….

Dallas Gray at 18 months old . Cape Coral Child Photographer

Florida Summers are Hot! What better way, besides swimming of course, then to soak up the sun with some lemonade by your side. This little man below is my son. I can not believe how fast time is flying. I thought time flew by after graduating high school, and well which it did… but having a child seems to make the time go by faster. As most moms out there may say…. slow down time, slow down. Cherish all those little and big moments, milestones, even tears and of course laughter because in a blink of an eye, its gone. Tomorrow is another day and today will be a memory.

Sunshine for Isabella

Meet Isabella! She was chosen to be a model for me for this gorgeous new shoot location! She was so willing to twirl, pose, be serious, and goof around. Both her mom Selina and Isabella loved every single image and they were so thrilled to be part of the Butterfly Kisses Photography experience.